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Lawn care service is what we do best! SG Lawn & Landscape Management provides top-notch services for your commercial lawn care needs such as lawn maintenance. Our customized approach ensures that your company is in an environment that is both beautiful and well-maintained. To ensure the best results for your commercial property, SG Lawn & Landscape Management provides the best lawn service in Texas and is with you every step of the way. We take into consideration your ideas, or if you rather we take the lead, our experts are able to do so.

Our aim is to become a key player in the commercial lawn care and commercial lawn services sectors. Therefore we work with driven and experienced lawn care professionals. Our specialists have a keen eye for detail, a high level of creativity, and have the skill to handle projects with high commercial standards. We also have the technical abilities to ensure optimal lawn care on a regular basis.

SG Lawn & Landscape Management is a strong believer in first impressions. We know that excellent lawn management could mean the difference between attracting new customers or driving them away. For this reason, we are dedicated to creating a luxurious landscape that exceeds your expectations.

Commercial Landscaping Services

If your business has moved to a new property and needs foundational work done, SG Lawn & Landscape Management is proud to handle your initial landscape design. We understand that you are busy and do not necessarily have the time to know what is best for your property. That is why our team of experts is ready to create a strategy that will work for you. This includes stand-out pieces such as retaining walls, paver patios, gorgeous water features, shrubs, and trees.

Once approved, SG Lawn & Landscape Management implements all of your commercial lawn features. If you are in need of a new irrigation system or aeration to improve the health of your lawn, we have you covered there as well.

Finally, SG Lawn & Landscape Management handles your upkeep as often as you need it. This includes mowing, fertilizing, weed control, mulch, and leaf removal. Keep in mind that SG Lawn & Landscape Management adheres to strict standards set by organizations. If your company is in an area that requires a certain appeal, similar to a Home Owner’s Association standards, we are ready and able to meet those needs.

Commercial Lawn Care

In the past, SG Lawn & Landscape Management has worked with golf courses, office areas, hotel yards, recreational parks, and more. We know how to treat commercial properties as a valuable asset to your company.

In fact, SG Lawn & Landscape Management understands that your landscape says much about the values you hold as a company. A well-managed lawn can project the responsibility your company feels towards presentation and management. For example, let’s say you own an apartment complex, and your landscape is in need of a major overhaul. In today’s digital age, it is also common for potential renters to research an apartment building before they visit. When they see that you have taken the time to create an environment that is nurtured and cared for, they are more likely to choose you over a competing complex.

Proper commercial lawn management also provides a working environment your employees can truly enjoy and we offer our help for commercial lawn maintenance. For example, many offices do not have an outdoor area where workers can relax or take a much-needed break. Give them the opportunity to have lunch in the garden, or to even hold meetings there. This may lead to better employee retention and individuals thinking outside of the box.

Why use SG Lawn & Landscape Management?

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, SG Lawn & Landscape Management has the knowledge and skills to provide you with excellent lawn care.

Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing SG Lawn & Landscape Management over other commercial lawn care companies:

Time efficiency: We understand that you own a business and do not have the time to take care of your outdoor space. Outsourcing to a trusted company means you will never have to worry about your landscaping needs again, whether you own one commercial property or many.
Cost efficiency. We work within your budget.
Expertise. Our specialists are knowledgeable in landscape design and maintenance. To ensure quality, our specialists stay up-to-date in the latest techniques and equipment to suit your needs.
100% satisfaction guarantee. Our entire team consists of dedicated individuals who are always prepared to provide you with any kind of needed support.

Contact Us for Your Commercial Landscaping

SG Lawn & Landscape Management is proud to offer commercial services in the greater Dallas area. Check out our gallery to see our previous projects and look forward to a landscape that stands out from the competition. Do not hesitate to call us about what we can do to improve your business today.


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HOA and Commercial Land Care We provide mowing, bed work, trimming bushes and trees, irrigation upkeep, and chemical maintenance.


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We design and install of outdoor kitchens and fire places, water features, complete outdoor living spaces, patios, walkways, synthetic turf, outdoor structures, lighting, irrigation, and drainage systems.